Did I inspire Bill Gates’ bgC3 logo?

I incorporated a start-up company called 3oc, Inc., in Kirkland, WA, a few years ago.  However, the name, 3oc, often was confusing to explain.  Is it 3oc, threeoc, three0c, etc.  The venture has since been re-incorporated under a different name (and still in development mode).  However, the logo that was made for 3oc, Inc. looks […]

lonelygirl15 Marketing Strategy

In June 2006, Bree, a 16-year old teenager also known as lonelygirl15, took the world by storm by broadcasting herself on YouTube. Bree, talked about her life via videoblogs (vlogs) and quickly became an online celebrity. So many people viewed her show that it soon eclipsed the popularity of many television shows — as well […]