Updates, Scalability, Speed

Today, I made a bunch of changes to FishTrain. Hopefully, they’ll make reading the site much more enjoyable. Added caching. Front-page re-coded – slightly changed look. Pared down the number of categories. Updated sidebar. Updated number of postings per category. The big one was getting caching to work. In the past it has been difficult […]

Job Listings

FishTrain Job Listings are up. We have partnered up with Job-a-matic and SimplyHired. If you’re looking to hire, you can post a job and it will reach our loyal readers as well as the SimplyHired network — which has millions of job listings all over the web! Additionally, if you’re hunting for a job, we […]

Here’s Your Chance To Submit

Our philosophy is: Promote yourself by promoting others. So, we’ve added the wonderful/dreadful Submit button. Now you can submit your articles and get published on FishTrain! Think of this as a way to promote your ventures, gain an audience, and get free publicity. Please read the guidelines carefully before you submit your article. Hopefully, in […]

Follow-up to The Great Guest Blogging Experiment

The Great Guest Blogging Experiment was anything but great. I wouldn’t consider it a total failure, we had hundreds of people read the article, but only one person sent in an article that matched the criteria. So, it looks like they’ve won the contest by default!

The Great Guest Blogging Experiment

Many of you have written in, asking if you could write for us or if we could promote your venture. So, for a limited-time, we are opening up FishTrain.com to everyone to promote their business, organization, or idea via the concept of Guest Blogging. In other words, you write an article for us and you […]


BuiltWith is a web page technology profiler. “Find out what a site is built with.” Have you ever wondered what technologies certain websites used? It’s good to know what the competition is using when you’re setting up your own site. See what FishTrain.com is built with: http://builtwith.com/default.aspx?fishtrain.com

Hello world!

FishTrain.com is officially live! Welcome to the “School of Thought.”