Apple Software Improvement Suggestions

Apple is a company that strives for perfection.  Perfection in their hardware products, in their software stack, and services.  As we all know, nobody or no company is perfect and there are always bug fixes and updates that need to be made.

With WWDC 2013 happening next week and more surprises in the Fall, there are a ton of changes that will change the look-and-feel of Apple’s operating systems and Apps. As those software changes arrive, I hope to also see Apple tackle some of these software improvement suggestions:


App Improvements

Calendar App

  • Better syncing with Google Calendars or Google Sync — shared calendars and invitations especially

Mail App

  • Improve searching capability, cannot find some items sometimes
  • Allow selecting multiple items to “Move to Folder” instead of just one at a time

iTunes App

  • iTunes Account should allow ability to link to more than 1 credit card
  • iTunes Add “Wish List” for rentals (currently only for purchased/buy)
  • iTunes Add “Rate” an item for rentals (currently only for purchased/buy items)

iLife Apps

iPhoto + iMovie + Garage Band

  • Make iLife -> iLife Social.  Better integration and syncing better with social networks, such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and iCloud sharing.  Allow ability to share your music compositions, your photos, your movies with friends and family.
  • Provide iCloud to backup ALL your iLife content — music compositions, photos, movies — from Garage Band, iPhoto, iMovies.  No need to use third-party cloud story (i.e. DropBox).
  • Improve syncing iLife content between all devices via iCloud.


  • Find and remove duplicate photos
  • Improve sorting capabilities
  • Better syncing and storage in iCloud, replaces Photostream, remove Photo stream

iBooks App

  • Add “Wish List”

Newsstand App

  • Add “Wish List”
  • Add bookmarking
  • Store needs to only show magazines, not redirect to main App Store with unrelated Apps
  • Subscription service for all magazines, like Netflix for Magazines (or Next Issue App)
  • Manage Magazine Subscriptions easier


Operating Systems Improvements


Mac OS + iOS

Across the line for Mac and iOS-device Operating Systems.

  • Add Cover Flow view for Apps
  • Themes/Skins
  • Scalable Graphics
  • Unify FaceTime + Messages
  • Allow FaceTime + Messages Audio/Video Chat to support more than 4 people and more than 10 people audio conference
  • Password protect individual apps from OS-level, instead of just at the device-level (login screen).  For example: password protect Mail or Calendar.
  • Add Siri APIs for third-party apps to utilize

Mac OS specific

MacBook + Mac Mini + iMac + Mac Pro

  • Add iBooks App
  • Add Find Friends App
  • Add Maps App
  • Add Newsstand App
  • Add Siri
  • Gatekeeper should show list of unsigned Apps that have been allowed or banned

iOS specific

iPhone + iPad + iPod touch + Apple TV.

  • Add ability to lock Apps to screen – cannot accidentally drag or delete.
  • Add ability to sort Apps (i.e. alphabetically)
  • Add ability to have Apps not leave gaps on screen when one is moved or deleted
  • Fix Photos App to sort correctly


  • Add Photo Booth App


  • Add “Apple Store” App
  • Add Calculator App
  • Add Passbook App
  • Add Stock Market App
  • Add Weather App

Apple TV

  • Add Pandora App
  • Add Hulu ad sponsored (not just Hulu+) App
  • Add App Store and SDK

These are some of the Apple software changes I hope to see.  Can you think of other areas that Apple can improve on its software (OS and Apps) and services (iCloud)?

One reply on “Apple Software Improvement Suggestions”

WWDC announcement yesterday delivered a few of the items above:
– Improved iOS Photos App
– Mac OS iBooks App added
– iTunes Radio (Mac OS iTunes App, iOS Music App) with ads or with iTunes Match no ads

A few, unexpected items:
– Mac OS no longer using “Big Cats” code-names
– Mac OS Power Savings Features (PowerNap, Coalescing)
– iOS Control Center
– iOS Full Multitasking and menus
– iOS Depth via Transparency
– iOS FaceTime Audio
– iOS AirDrop
– iOS Safari Tab View
– iOS Map Kit
– iCloud Keychain
– Mac Pro is 1/8 of previous generation


– Would like to see Scalable Vector Graphics or Scalable Graphics. Especially since the iOS user interface is not “flat.” This would enable many more screen sizes seamlessly — instead of just the 3.5″ and 4″ iPhones/iPod touches & 7.9″ and 9.7″ iPads. I would like to see an iPhone closer to 5″ without a hardware home button.
– Would also like to see biometric reader on the display or trackpad for iWallet and other features.

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