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The rumor mill has been buzzing, once again, about the possibility of a new iPhone.  Apple’s Senior VP, Phil Schiller, mentioned that June is the normal release time for new iPhones, and the last 2 years have been right around that timeframe.  So what is next?  What could Apple possibly change to make us want the iPhone 3?  Here are some ideas:

  • Faster Computing – Utilize technologies to be introduced in Mac OS X Snow Leopard in iPhone OS X: GrandCentral, OpenCL, OpenGL ES on the iPhone for task management and much greater performance using multiple cores from the CPU and GPU.  The new GPU could be the NVIDIA Tegra, which includes the latest ARM processor, or Apple could be designing its own custom ARM processor with its acquisition of P.A. Semi.  Whatever the new technology that is implemented could possibly shake up the entire mobile industry, not only for smartphones and PDAs, but also for handheld game consoles.
  • Faster Networking – Upgrade to 3G HSUPA in addition to the HSDPA.
  • More Storage – Bump to 32GB.
  • Multitasking – Utilize GrandCentral to help multitask efficiently in conjuntion with saving battery life.  This would allow multiple background tasks to be running while using minimal resources.  Push Notification can be used for tasks that do not need to be actively running.  This “polling” system will work to preserve even more battery life.
  • Front-Facing Camera to allow iChat AV – Compatible with iChat AV for Mac.
  • Haptic Tactile Feedback
  • GPS turn-by-turn voice directions.
  • Additionally, the much requested copy-and-paste feature, which I think might be more difficult gesture-wise than at first glance.

What do you think Apple will unveil for the iPhone 3, in June, if anything at all?

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I’d definitely like to see faster computing, networking, a front-facing camera with ability to capture video (as well as use for iChat), and GPS turn-by-turn. I will be a bit bummed however if I can’t upgrade from my iPhone 3G (vs2) to the new “iPhone 3” if and when it comes.

From a hardware perspective: Faster CPU/GPU, HSUPA, front-facing video camera, haptic tactile feedback, and thinner unibody is what I think I’m hoping for. I also think there are more than a few people hoping for more bluetooth music integration.

From a software perspective: GPS voice turn-by-turn, iChat AV, multitasking, and OpenCL are on my wish list.

Okay, so I want it all :)

@Trainer, good call. Forgot about that one :) That would be a software update that could also work on the original iPhone and iPhone 3G, in addition, to the iPhone 3.

Apple previewed the iPhone OS 3 today. Still no hardware refresh (iPhone 3), but the operating system update looks amazing. They covered many of the things people have been clamoring for.

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