Did I inspire Bill Gates’ bgC3 logo?

I incorporated a start-up company called 3oc, Inc., in Kirkland, WA, a few years ago.  However, the name, 3oc, often was confusing to explain.  Is it 3oc, threeoc, three0c, etc.  The venture has since been re-incorporated under a different name (and still in development mode).  However, the logo that was made for 3oc, Inc. looks eerily similar to Bill Gates’ logo for his new company, bgC3 LLC, also in Kirkland, WA.

Check them out, side-by-side. 3oc, Inc. on the left, bgC3 LLC on the right.

3oc logobgC3 logo

Coincidence?  I personally think mine looks a little bit better :)  What do you think?

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