The Great Guest Blogging Experiment

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Many of you have written in, asking if you could write for us or if we could promote your venture. So, for a limited-time, we are opening up to everyone to promote their business, organization, or idea via the concept of Guest Blogging. In other words, you write an article for us and you get our audience. Here are a few suggestions from ProBlogger’s site on how to be a good guest blogger. Guest Blogging is a great way to expand the scope of our site. It gives our readers a greater variety of articles. It allows the writers to promote their businesses and websites by educating readers and sending traffic to their sites.

We are holding a 10-day event called “The Great Guest Blogging Experiment” which will run from October 1 to 11. At the end of the event, we will write a follow-up article that to give you the results of the experiment. If it is successful, we may hold a similar experiment in the future. We will also feature the articles we liked the best and conduct interviews to promote those ventures.

Here are a few article guidelines:

  1. Needs to be original, accurate, and professional.
  2. Informs and educate readers, it is not just one big ad.
  3. You can provide a direct link to your site at the end.
  4. The venture must be legitimate.
  5. Please credit any third-party sources.
  6. Please include at least one picture.
  7. Pictures must be <= 520 pixels in width.
  8. E-mail, ask for an account and begin writing.
  9. E-mail, when the article is ready, ask to publish.


If you own a wood flooring business you might write an article entitled, “What Type of Wood is Best For Your Kitchen Floor?” In the article, you might talk about what happens with different wood flooring when water is spilled on it. You might go on to talk about the benefits of composite wood, laminate, cost, and so forth. But don’t mention your products or provide links to your site until the end of the article.

Joe Smith is the CEO of

Thus, your article informs and educates readers about your topic, while at the same time acting as an indirect advertisement. If they want to read more, they will go to your site.

More ideas to get you started:

  • Environment: write about recycling and conservation.
  • Finance: write about how to save money.
  • Health club: write about exercises that make the most difference.
  • How To Make Money Blog: share a few secrets with us.
  • Investing firm: write about common investing mistakes.
  • Photography site: write about why lighting is so important.
  • Vitamin shop: write about the benefits of proper nutrition.
  • Web design firm: write about the elements of good design.

I’m sure you’ll come up with better ideas, but you get the idea. We’re looking forward to your articles over the next 10 days and seeing the outcome of this experiment. Do you think this is a great idea? Feel free to leave your comments below.