What’s a good name?

ABC blocks

You have this great idea for a business or organization. Now what are you going to call it? Here are 5 suggestions:

  1. Available
    • It’s easy to find a unique local name, but think globally.
    • Make sure you can secure the domain name.
  2. Meaningful
    • Comcast – Communication Broadcast.
    • FedEx – Federal Express.
    • Google is a mis-spelling of Googol, the number, a one followed by 100 zeroes! A very big number which accurately represents their big ambitions.
    • Raytheon – “Light of the gods.” Maker of missiles.
  3. Memorable
    • Apple, eBay, Google, Pixar, Yahoo! are a few memorable names.
  4. Short
    • No one likes to type a long domain name.
  5. Unambiguous
    • Only one way to spell it (saves buying many domain names).
    • Watch out for numbers mixed with letters.

2 replies on “What’s a good name?”

Wow. I really thought this blurb was interesting and completly relevant to creating a name. I wonder if we should follow the same rules for naming children?

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