Are healthy mini-markets the wave of the future?

Who would have thought that the third largest retailer in the world would go small instead of big? With Wal-Mart and Costco eating up the “Mom and Pop” stores, it is not a bet that many retailers would be willing to make. You may not have heard of Tesco, but the British retailer is no […]

Reduce Platform Switching Barriers

The computing platform is what matters. It’s one thing if you’re the big fish with THE platform. But what do you do when you’re the small fish, your competitor already owns the dominant platform, and has millions of customers? How do you switch customers to your platform? Answer: Reduce the platform switching barriers. However, it […]

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Apple’s Strategy is to Partner with Leaders

People seem to think Apple is a big, risk-taking company. That is true, but the risks they take are calculated ones. The switch from IBM PowerPC to Intel x86 chips was a big risk at the time — given the possibility of alienating Apple’s customer base. The risks to branch out their product line from […]

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Interview with Pervasive DataRush

Pervasive Software is a company focused on dealing with the complexity of multicore CPU architectures. Much of the current software out there does not take advantage of multicore CPUs; thus, many systems are utilizing their hardware inefficiently. To address these issues, Pervasive offers an entire framework called DataRush. Here is an exclusive interview with Michael […]

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Google Book Search: Wealth of Giants

Google Book Search initiative has met some resistance with publishers. Nevertheless, Google has been steadily scanning a significant portion of the world’s books and putting portions of them online to browse and purchase. The significance of this is astonishing. While, the Internet has grown at a rapid pace, much of the world’s collective knowledge lies […]

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Apple Bonjour: Secret Weapon?

Bonjour is Apple’s implementation of Zeroconf that is included with Mac OS X. Bonjour is a service discovery protocol which has the primary function of discovery services on a local area network (LAN). It uses multicast Domain Name System (DNS) service to locate devices such as computers, printers, and services that those devices offer. The […]

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Interview With Blogging Expertise

Blogging Expertise is a small business devoted to helping you get the most out of blogging, whether you’re an individual or represent a small business. Its owner, Sarah Lewis, is passionate about blogging. If she has it her way, you will be too. Here is our interview with Sarah.


Emergency Preparedness for Your Finances

It’s winter. Hardware stores, and fire departments tell us to inspect our homes to keep them safe. What are the potential dangers to your financial house? This article offers ideas to protect and weatherproof a sound financial plan. We’ll start with a walk around your property looking for signs of danger to your financial plan. […]

The 7 Services Virtualization Lacks for Utility Computing

by Bert Armijo and Peter Nickolov Utility computing has gained considerable popularity over the past eighteen months as businesses big and small seek to take advantage of the flexibility the new computing model offers. This hasn’t always been the case, though. For a time, utility computing seemed a lackluster space that hadn’t been able to […]

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The Downfall of the Microsoft Empire

Microsoft is seeing a monumental, momentum shift. Never before has Microsoft seemed so vulnerable. It is being attacked on all fronts by huge, game-changers. Is this a repeat of computing history? Microsoft changed the scene when they licensed MS-DOS and later Windows to IBM — which was the dominant force, at the time. In those […]

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