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RFID: through the eyes of Digital Angel

If you search the web for companies leading the current Radio Frequency identification revolution you will quickly run into a company called Digital Angel. Their broad array of RFID products delivers functional value to markets as diverse as livestock to the U.S. coastguard. In recent years the company has expanded through acquiring other companies such […]

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Social Network Valuation

With thousands upon thousands of social networks already launched, and more coming in the ongoing social network wars what are reasonable valuations? Is this irrational exuberance? Will the companies that buy them ever make their money back? MySpace was acquired by News Corp for $580m in July 2005. Facebook sold 1.6% of its shares to […]

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Interview With Gary Hamburgh: Fine Art Photographer

Today I would like to share with you an interview with an outstanding fine art photographer by the name of Gary Hamburgh. Before we get into the interview, however, let me briefly introduce Gary to you.I have known Gary and his family on a personal level for about 15 years. His son and I played […]

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Microsoft Is Their Own Downfall

I wrote a while back about the Downfall of the Microsoft Empire. In that article I wrote about all Microsoft’s competitors and how they were attacking Microsoft on all fronts. I digress, with today’s news that Microsoft made a $44.6B offer to buyout Yahoo, Microsoft may be the downfall of their own empire. That is […]

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5 Things on My Apple Wish List

Apple has some of the best products in the world. They have world-class hardware: Macintosh computers, iPod, iPhone, AppleTV; and world-class software: Mac OS X, OS X, iTunes, iLife, Final Cut Studio, Safari, etc. However, there are improvements I would like to see to their product line.


The Impact of Bandwidth Costs

Bandwidth costs greatly impact profit margins of organizations that deliver enormous amounts of data. Several products and services that are immediately impacted by bandwidth costs are:

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How To Make A Comeback

Companies that can make a comeback:

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RFID: New Stealth Crime Fighter?

Ever worry about losing something valuable to you? Of course we all do. Now what if there was a way you could instantaneously track down whatever was lost or stolen? Welcome to the world of RFID –Radio Frequency Identification- the future of theft prevention. RFID is the latest by product in the ever evolving quest […]

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Are healthy mini-markets the wave of the future?

Who would have thought that the third largest retailer in the world would go small instead of big? With Wal-Mart and Costco eating up the “Mom and Pop” stores, it is not a bet that many retailers would be willing to make. You may not have heard of Tesco, but the British retailer is no […]

Reduce Platform Switching Barriers

The computing platform is what matters. It’s one thing if you’re the big fish with THE platform. But what do you do when you’re the small fish, your competitor already owns the dominant platform, and has millions of customers? How do you switch customers to your platform? Answer: Reduce the platform switching barriers. However, it […]

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