Many, Many, Little Pieces Means Big Performance

Are you seeing the trend for increasing performance? Computing Intel CPU multicore (currently, 8 cores) NVIDIA/AMD GPU multicore (currently, hundreds of cores) Storage Fusion-IO Drive multiple flash RAM modules (currently, hundreds of modules) Power Tesla Motors vehicle power pack made up of multiple batteries (currently, hundreds of batteries) Many little pieces working efficiently together with […]

iPhone 3

The rumor mill has been buzzing, once again, about the possibility of a new iPhone.  Apple’s Senior VP, Phil Schiller, mentioned that June is the normal release time for new iPhones, and the last 2 years have been right around that timeframe.  So what is next?  What could Apple possibly change to make us want […]

The Apple Netbook / Mac Tablet $699

Talk in the rumor mill keeps flying to the topic of Apple needing to release a Netbook to survive this economic downturn.  There have also been ongoing rumors that Apple will release a Mac Tablet – essentially a large version of the iPod Touch or iPhone.  These rumors could become reality if Apple decides to […]

Did I inspire Bill Gates’ bgC3 logo?

I incorporated a start-up company called 3oc, Inc., in Kirkland, WA, a few years ago.  However, the name, 3oc, often was confusing to explain.  Is it 3oc, threeoc, three0c, etc.  The venture has since been re-incorporated under a different name (and still in development mode).  However, the logo that was made for 3oc, Inc. looks […]

Techspansion Closes; Discontinues VisualHub & AudialHub

 Techspansion announces it’s “closing its virtual doors.” According to the developer…”VisualHub, AudialHub, and iSquint have been discontinued. The Support Forum and Support E-mail will be available for a while longer to take care of any remaining issues for you. If you have VisualHub or AudialHub, here are directions on how to back them up for […]

Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge: Podcast Interview

 Podcast interview (Listen Now!) with world-renowned, wildlife, landscape, and travel photographer Art Wolfe, as he talks about season two of his PBS TV series, “Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge.” This season he travels to 12 different countries and captures truly magnificent images. Art also talks about his conversion from film to digital and his […]

Spore: A New Start in Gaming

  Spore is, without a doubt, the future of the gaming industry. That isn’t to say that it has its draw backs, but it is the first non-MMO that I have played to date that is so intertwined with the next evolution in gaming, user generated content. It has been talked about for years and […]

Uptime: Cloud Computing vs. Desktop

I just read The New York Times article, As Web Traffic Grows, Crashes Take Bigger Toll.  While it is true that there is more significant and monetary damage that occurs when a web page or cloud computing servers go down than there used to be, it is not unlike its desktop computing counterparts.  When is […]

Apple’s Revenue Streams

Apple has multiple revenue streams.  The items that are most often noted are: Macs, iPods, and iPhones.  However, there are other things that contribute to Apple’s bottom line.  The diagram below gives an overview: [Blue = hardware; Orange = software/services]

Which Microsoft Monopoly Will Fall First?

Microsoft has several products that are monopolies and hold dominant market share positions: Windows Office Internet Explorer As the Microsoft Empire continues to march on we are beginning to see the chinks in the armor. In the past we have written about The Downfall Of The Microsoft Empire. As we begin seeing increased competition, let […]