Spore: A New Start in Gaming

  Spore is, without a doubt, the future of the gaming industry. That isn’t to say that it has its draw backs, but it is the first non-MMO that I have played to date that is so intertwined with the next evolution in gaming, user generated content. It has been talked about for years and […]

EA Sports: It’s not in This Game

To even watch the intro to FIFA ’08 and hear the words “It’s in the game!” makes me cringe. I love soccer and was a huge fan of the FIFA soccer series that Electronic Arts (EA) has produced but the latest version is by far the worst thing I have ever played (I am referring […]

The failure of the RIAA

I just finished reading an article about the first Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) trial going on in Duluth (Catch it on Wired here.) I could not believe the RIAA is still going after people, and even going to trial! I cannot believe that this group is not done getting blasted by the public… […]