Are healthy mini-markets the wave of the future?

Who would have thought that the third largest retailer in the world would go small instead of big? With Wal-Mart and Costco eating up the “Mom and Pop” stores, it is not a bet that many retailers would be willing to make. You may not have heard of Tesco, but the British retailer is no […]

Embarrassment – The Secret to Motivation?

For decades people have tried to figure out the secret to motivation. With our ever busier lives and longer and longer lists of to-do items, we long for the secret to getting motivated to turn off Grey’s Anatomy and go outside for a jog. Most often you were told to “use your willpower”. Turn off […]

Delicious Home-Grown Tomatoes – Time to Plan is Now!

Anyone who has ever tasted home-grown tomatoes can appreciate the vastly superior flavor to those purchased at your local supermarket. As prices of the pale hued, nutritionally inferior, bland tasting store bought fruits continue to move skyward, I find myself longing for delicious, tasty sweet fruits from the garden. I thought I was being rather […]

Alli Weight Loss Drug – Friend or Foe?

Who would have guessed that anal leakage would have been a successful motivator in the weight loss wars? The colorful kiosk at your local grocery store for the new over-the-counter diet drug, Alli, warns users to “make sure you are ready”. They slyly imply that you should be ready to lose weight, but what they […]