Google’s Trading Floor

Google dominates the online space. Google is often our homepage and the first place we go to when we open a web browser. We use Google Web Search when we’re looking for something on the Web. We use GMail to read and write email. We use Google Maps to get directions or find the nearest […]

How Stuff Works

[update 10/15/2007: Acquired by Discovery Channel for $250m]. HowStuffWorks is a site which explains the workings of common and uncommon things. Founded in 1998, by Professor Marshall Brain [fitting name]. If you’ve ever wondered how stuff works, check out this site.

What is a Social Graph?

by GustavoG Facebook is about to launch personal ads. Google already targets advertising to personal, search queries and a website’s content. Both approaches are in the early stages of utilizing a social graph. A social graph takes into account how people are interconnected. Similar in concept of how Google’s PageRank algorithm takes into account how […]

Digg Dugg

Digg is a phenomenon. It has eclipsed other social content, news sites such as Slashdot and kuro5hin. Launched in 2004, by Kevin Rose, Owen Byrne, Ron Gorodetzky, and Jay Adelson (who serves as CEO), it has quickly surpassed its rivals. Now, other popular news sites are mimicking its design and features. It has done for […]

Disruptive Technologies

Thomas Edison with a light bulb Disruptive technologies come along once in a while and change the world and how we live in it. They often represent a paradigm shift from how things were to how things will be. Here are a few such innovations:

lonelygirl15 Marketing Strategy

In June 2006, Bree, a 16-year old teenager also known as lonelygirl15, took the world by storm by broadcasting herself on YouTube. Bree, talked about her life via videoblogs (vlogs) and quickly became an online celebrity. So many people viewed her show that it soon eclipsed the popularity of many television shows — as well […]

Find the cheapest airfare

Beyond just doing a Google search, if you want a bargain on airline ticket fares, here is a list of sites to begin with:


RealSimple is a site that shows you how you can simplify your life. Any time my life can be made easier, I’m happy. Also, RealSimple has a magazine in print! Check your news stands.

Interview with a CHIP director

I’m here with one of Washington State’s CHIP program directors, Christine Pfeiffer, PA-C. What is the CHIP program? The CHIP program is a community-based health education program to help prevent and reverse heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight problems, and other lifestyle-related diseases that plague our country. CHIP, or Coronary Health Improvement […]

Interview with Oceanic Entertainment

I’m here with Monte Bridges, co-founder of Oceanic Entertainment. I’ll ask him a few questions about how he got his start in Hollywood and what he is up to now. What does Oceanic Entertainment primarily do? We find film, television, and music projects.