FishTrain’s mission is to dream, to learn, to succeed.

We believe that there should be a time for work and a time for play. To facilitate this, we provide you with useful and informative content. High-quality content is hard to come by, which is why we try our best to find it for you. Along the way, we provide interviews, profiles, and tips to help you dream, learn about, and succeed in your ventures.

The name, FishTrain, is derived from “School of Fish and Train of Thought.” Like a school of fish, we find that teamwork is the essence of survival. Likewise, as a team, our individual strengths and expertise are maximized when they are combined into a continuous train of thought. This is the power of networking and working together. The whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.


Jesse Chan Jesse Chan is a solution architect. He enjoys creativity and strategy. Launching businesses require a little bit of both. He hopes to help others launch and expand their ventures by writing about them. In his free-time he enjoys the arts, the gym, hiking, and figuring out how things are interconnected.
Bimin Chan Bimin Chan is a business consultant and freelance writer. He strives to keep a work/life balance. He earned his MBA from Marylhurst University. He likes jogging, swimming, fishing, hiking, and traveling. He also enjoys music, art, and poetry.
Monte Bridges Monte Bridges is a entrepreneur and forward thinker who is fascinated by looking into current patterns and discovering what lies ahead. In his freetime, he enjoys nature, camping, jetskiing, and great books.
Holly Eby Holly Eby is a fitness instructor. She graduated from Walla Walla College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Fitness. Having been in the fitness industry for over ten years Holly has found Pilates to be her passion. She is excited to be writing and is working on her first book.
Carole Freeman Carole Freeman is a nutrition student at Bastyr University. She coaches people on making healthy lifestyle changes specializing in weight loss and eliminating cravings. She enjoys camping, hiking, geocaching, gourmet foods and comedy shows. For more information about coaching services, visit: NutritionCoachOnline.com.
Brian Hernandez Brian Hernandez is a photographer, designer, educator, and Mac technician in Walla Walla, Washington. He is the owner of VizualGraphix.com, a photo, design, Mac consulting and tech support studio, as well as contract teaches in the technology department at Walla Walla University. He enjoys playing golf and spending time with his wife and three cats.
Tony Mavros Tony Mavros is a massage therapist in Seattle, Washington, with experience in occupational injury prevention and workforce risk management program development. He is currently pursuing the development of “any-space at any-time” exercises that prevent, correct, and rehabilitate musculoskeletal dysfunction.
Novently Pandiangan Novently Pandiangan is an accounting student. When not studying, he can often be found working on cars, which utilizes his degree in automotive technology. In his free-time he enjoys the outdoors and spending time with friends.
Nicholas Tomczek Nicholas Tomczek is a business and technical analyst. He is currently the owner of a small web development and consulting firm. His interest in technology started at a young age on an AT&T 80/86. When he’s not working on new web projects he enjoys spending time with his wife and new puppy, snowboarding, backpacking or working on his Jeep Wrangler.