iOS Product Lineup

Since the first iPhone was shown, January 2007, it has turned the mobile industry upside down.  Shortly after, September 2007, the iPod Touch was launched.  Sort of an “iPhone without the phone.”  Then in 2010, the iPad was launched.  And, of course, the Apple TV was launched as a “hobby” the same day the iPhone was launched, but many people forget that, as it has not made as big of an impact as some of these other products – yet.

The existing iOS product lineup and price ranges are:

  • iPhone $0-$600+
  • iPod Touch $199-$399
  • iPad $399-$829 (w or w/o data plan)
  • AppleTV $99

The new iPhone will likely be announced tomorrow.  There is also anticipation of an iPad Mini and a new iPod Touch — if not tomorrow, then in the near future.  I am of the agreement, as many others are, that if an iPad Mini is released, as speculated, and is priced aggressively, that Apple will continue to own the lion’s share of the tablet market for the foreseeable future.  Now, what I hope Apple also does is release a new iPod Touch that matches the features on the new iPhone (such as larger screen, etc), but, again, without the phone.  I also want to see a iPod Touch option with data plan, just like on the iPad, to allow Apple to be more disruptive — a data plan option across the line for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad — for all the mobile iOS device sizes.

With that said, here’s my own forecast for the Fall iOS lineup and price points (don’t expect another new AppleTV this late in the year):

  • iPhone $0-$600+
  • iPod Touch $149-$249 (w or w/o data plan)
  • iPad Mini $249-$399 (w or w/o data plan)
  • iPad $399-$829 (w or w/o data plan)
  • Apple TV $99

Looking forward to the keynote tomorrow.

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