Light Peak

Apple/Intel‘s Light Peak.  I wrote about this back in Feb 2006.  So glad it’s finally happening, and I quote:

Two Wires

I like to simplify things. The minimum to achieve the optimum — Occam’s Razor. Therefore, I am going to suggest that there only needs to be two kinds of wires in the world. Yes, just two — power & data. Now, the power cord you are familiar with for delivering electricity. However, for data transmission I would suggest something along the lines of fiber-optic or Ethernet cable. Your land-line, cable television, high-speed Internet would all be delivered via this data cable and, if need be, be powered by the power cable. A computer would also use the data cable to communicate with all manner of devices such as monitors, printers, webcams; stereos would use the data cable to connect to speakers; televisions would use the data cable to connect to the content provider. Which would mean the data cable would replace the following cables and connectors: keyboard and mouse connectors, audio & video cables, SATA, SCSI, IDE, Parallel, Serial, USB, Firewire, VGA, SuperVGA, DVI, etc. Of course each device would have an assigned IP addresses. It would make connecting and setting up equipment and devices so easy. Why do we have more than two kinds of wires?