Macbook Air

Talk in the rumor mill keeps flying to the topic of Apple needing to release a Netbook to survive this economic downturn.  There have also been ongoing rumors that Apple will release a Mac Tablet – essentially a large version of the iPod Touch or iPhone.  These rumors could become reality if Apple decides to combine the two.

Apple has realized that almost 40% of its income now comes from the iPhone!  If it can create a Mac Tablet that is always Internet-connected, like the iPhone 3G, it would be a “netbook.”  In addition, Apple would be able to charge an extremely, low, upfront-price by having telecommunication carriers subsidize its Mac Tablet.  In these times, people are looking to cut costs, so a low-cost Mac with a built-in Internet connection would be an attractive item.  I suspect, Steve Jobs has this ace up his sleeve.  Success from the iPhone should make its way into the Mac line.  What do you think?