Techspansion Logo Techspansion announces it’s “closing its virtual doors.” According to the developer…”VisualHub, AudialHub, and iSquint have been discontinued. The Support Forum and Support E-mail will be available for a while longer to take care of any remaining issues for you. If you have VisualHub or AudialHub, here are directions on how to back them up for safe keeping: How to Back Up VisualHub and AudialHub. Thanks for all your support. It’s been a fun ride.”It’s sad to seem them close, as I just bought their products, AudialHub and VisualHub, which, in my opinion, are the BEST video and audio converters for the Mac platform. iSquint is Free, and converts many files for iPod, quickly and easily. You might still be able to download them via MacUpdateiSquint ; AudialHub ; VisualHub.Perhaps another development company will purchase the source code and further develop these fine programs for future releases of OS X. Fairwell Techspansion, thanks for the encoding memories!VisualHub LogoAudialHub Logo VisualHub ScreenshotAudialHub ScreenshotTo learn more about technology, photography, video, design, web, Mac software, OS X tips and tricks, listen to podcasts and watch video screencast tutorials, visit, a new website by Vizual Graphix.