Updates, Scalability, Speed

Speed Limit

Today, I made a bunch of changes to FishTrain. Hopefully, they’ll make reading the site much more enjoyable.

  • Added caching.
  • Front-page re-coded – slightly changed look.
  • Pared down the number of categories.
  • Updated sidebar.
  • Updated number of postings per category.

The big one was getting caching to work. In the past it has been difficult to get caching to work with my hosting provider. This time, caching seems to work flawlessly. There doesn’t seem to be any disruptions with any of the services. I’m already seeing some major performance improvements. Hopefully this will help FishTrain survive spikes in readership — such as when we make it on the front page of major social news sites.

Also, I hope you like the slight changes to the front-page of the site. I think it is a little more reader-friendly. And there is more relevant information than before.

Anyway, happy reading.