Follow-up to The Great Guest Blogging Experiment

Credit: iStock #000001627298

The Great Guest Blogging Experiment was anything but great. I wouldn’t consider it a total failure, we had hundreds of people read the article, but only one person sent in an article that matched the criteria. So, it looks like they’ve won the contest by default!

Several things we’ve learned from this experiment:

  1. There needs to be an easier way for users to submit an article. E-mailing us is not the easiest way. We need to remove that barrier.
  2. The criteria need to be simple. We probably had a few, too many rules in place and that scared would-be contributors away.
  3. There needs to be a concrete example.

As this site continues to grow we may re-evaluate launching another experiment like this, but we’ll hold off for now. Another idea is to add a submit button on the homepage to allow you to submit your articles directly. That may be the best option. We’ll keep you posted. Let us know what you think.