Apple Software Improvement Suggestions

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Apple is a company that strives for perfection.  Perfection in their hardware products, in their software stack, and services.  As we all know, nobody or no company is perfect and there are always bug fixes and updates that need to be made. With WWDC 2013 happening next week and more surprises in the Fall, there […]

Apple’s Revenue Streams

Apple has the following revenue/profit generating category: iPhone (>50%) iPad (>20%) Mac (10%) Apple Care (4%) iTunes/Apps/iBooks/Newsstand content (3%) iPod (2%) iAd (<1%) Apple TV (<1%) Accessories etc. From this list, only a few are currently multi-billion dollar categories.  Especially of note, the major  contributing “legs to the stool” are iPhone, iPad, Mac. Current multi-billion […]

iOS Product Lineup

Since the first iPhone was shown, January 2007, it has turned the mobile industry upside down.  Shortly after, September 2007, the iPod Touch was launched.  Sort of an “iPhone without the phone.”  Then in 2010, the iPad was launched.  And, of course, the Apple TV was launched as a “hobby” the same day the iPhone […]

Apple Bank Card

Game Changers.  Apple has a history of changing entire industries: The Mac, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, The App Store, iPad, iBooks, Apple TV, etc.  The change to these industries are digital and disruptive.  What’s next?  It needs to be something BIG, very B-I-G.  Apple’s market capitalization is approximately $500 Billion with revenues of over $100 Billion […]

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Steve Jobs: Digital Disruption

At first we might have dared it was luck.  Then he did it again and again and again.  Each product more revolutionary and bold than the last.  During the dark ages, when he was in exile from Apple, while he created PIXAR and NeXT and creating the intersection between fine arts and technology, the rest […]

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Steve Jobs & Larry Ellison: The Line in the Sand

Legend has it that when Steve Jobs was about to make his return to Apple, that he met up with his good friend, Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle.  At that time, Microsoft was the dominant tech powerhouse and Apple was on the brink of bankruptcy.  Both Oracle and Apple viewed Microsoft as a formidable adversary. […]

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Apple’s EcoSystem

Tomorrow, the world is expecting Apple, Inc. to revolutionize the world, once again.  It’s revolutionized the world several times: personal computing, the iPod, the iPhone, and hopefully, tomorrow — the iTablet (or something along those lines).  However, we must realize that all these hardware devices have fairly dependent ties to iTunes for content and that […]

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Two Wires

Apple/Intel‘s Light Peak.  I wrote about this back in Feb 2006.  So glad it’s finally happening, and I quote: Two Wires I like to simplify things. The minimum to achieve the optimum — Occam’s Razor. Therefore, I am going to suggest that there only needs to be two kinds of wires in the world. Yes, […]

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Many, Many, Little Pieces Means Big Performance

Are you seeing the trend for increasing performance? Computing Intel CPU multicore (currently, 8 cores) NVIDIA/AMD GPU multicore (currently, hundreds of cores) Storage Fusion-IO Drive multiple flash RAM modules (currently, hundreds of modules) Power Tesla Motors vehicle power pack made up of multiple batteries (currently, hundreds of batteries) Many little pieces working efficiently together with […]

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iPhone 3

The rumor mill has been buzzing, once again, about the possibility of a new iPhone.  Apple’s Senior VP, Phil Schiller, mentioned that June is the normal release time for new iPhones, and the last 2 years have been right around that timeframe.  So what is next?  What could Apple possibly change to make us want […]

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